Oprah Endorsement Creates Buzz

June 13, 2007

Not to be snarky, but you gotta love this press release from BuzzMetrics  Oprah Endorsements Trigger Buzz and Passion for Emerging Diets  This is news?  As a long time Chicagoan and amateur Oprah watcher, I have known for some time (as have all publishers, celebrities and marketers) that her endorsement carries real weight.  (20 million loyal viewers will do that. )

(sarcasm off) 



Moms Blogging @ McD

June 12, 2007

Recent Chicago Tribune story about McDonald’s providing *all area* access for 6 moms and enabling them to blog about the experience. Interesting idea – can’t wait to see how it comes out. There is obviously a huge gap between consumer assumptions and reality:

LaShawna Fitzpatrick-Hughes wasn’t joking when she asked officials of McDonald’s Corp. where they were hiding the microwaves.

“Seriously, I thought the food was frozen, thawed and heated in a microwave,” the 35-year-old stay-at-home mom from Encino, Calif., told more than a dozen dumbfounded executives . . .

McDonald’s Seeking Moms’ Approval