Improving Traditional Media Through Social Media

August 28, 2007

Improving Traditional Media Through Social Media

Good post from Joe Marchese – money quote?

“Social media, at critical mass and when facilitated and monitored correctly, is the voice of the people intending to consume, and influence others to consume, entertainment content (and all other goods and services, for that matter). And all of this feedback is in real time. Today this might mean deciding what TV shows to do more marketing for, and how to shape that marketing message. But, going forward, it could mean deciding even what shows to produce, or what story line to take with popular shows.”

This gets to the heart of what we do at MotiveQuest – listen to consumers, analyze their conversations and provide our clients with actionable insight.  We are bringing the voice of the customer to our clients.

There are lots of aspects to social media – but listening is a great place to start!



When do Media $$ Follow Consumer Trends?

August 28, 2007

IBM – The end of TV as we know it: A future industry perspective – IBM Institute for Business Value studies

Interesting study from IBM. Makes one wonder when the spending and research dollars will follow.

“The tech- and fashion-forward consumer segment will lead us to a world of platform-agnostic content, fluid mobility of media experiences, individualized pricing schemes and an end to the traditional concept of release windows. Figure 1 illustrates the behavioral differences that will lead to the “Generational Chasm” between the passive mass audience (“Massive Passives”) and leading-edge users (divided into two sub-groups: “Gadgetiers” and “Kool Kids”). “


Paying For Online Reviews

August 28, 2007

Paying Bloggers For Online Reviews Can Fan Fame –

Interesting article about a web marketing company paying for online reviews.  I think this is inevitable – but also polluting.  The great thing about consumer conversations on the web is honesty – but in this as in all human endeavour, there will be shills and dis-honesty.  I guess with obvious disclosure it is OK, but I still don’t like it.

Also, being a long-time newsgroup and forum junkie, these paid reviews might help with search engine results (which is a good thing) they are transparently obvious to those engaged in the online conversations.