A Word to the Wise

Reported in Adweek, Waggener Edstrom shares research that shows a connection between the words used to describe your company in the press, and share price. It does not show causality – as claimed:

Words to the Wise Can Boost Share Price

I guess it isn’t too surprising that when words like “innovative” and “cutting edge” are used by journalists to describe your company it is positively correlated with share price.

I wonder which is the chicken and which is the egg? I think these words are used to describe successful organizations – after the fact.

While not predictive; there are important implications here. We will have the best results when we describe what we are doing with the most powerful and carefully chosen words. We need to use the language of the people, not the language of the corporation.

For another wordmap click below:

Cool Is . . .

Tom O’B


One Response to A Word to the Wise

  1. Robt Rickie says:

    Well, This is really the tips any internet marketer should read before beginning their business on the internet.Huge amount of guys weren’t successful simple because they went after the next big thing instead of reading posts like this one.

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