Cool Is . . .

Take a look at the word associations with the concept of “COOL” in the cellphone category over the last two years. Used to be form factor, now it is what the phone lets me do. I want my online world in my pocket thank you very much:

If you’re marketing to a core concept – better pay attention to what your customers think it means.


More over here: MotiveQuest – Cool Is . . .

Reading through a new post on Rick Clancy’s blog I noticed a particular paragraph:

But the real stars of the show will be a variety of new Sony technologies and products. I can’t divulge them quite yet, but I can tell you that they focus around such themes as “creativity,” “freedom and mobility,” and, of course, all things “high definition.” Be on the lookout for new heights in HD resolution, sleek new forms of video entertainment, a one-of-a-kind personal audio experience, and new wireless “solutions” for in-home entertainment.

Sony’s Long and Winding Road to CES



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