Dell Consolidates

Login may still be required at the WSJ – but this story is everywhere – so you easily find it for free.  This story makes me think about how complexity has seemed to explode in the ad business over the last several years.  Consumers are talking to each other, mass media has been splintered, there are hundreds of delivery channels and it isn’t going to go back in the box.

What I think is underneath this story is a trend much bigger than consolidation to reduce cost.  What is behind this is an effort to get control over the story.  Who is Dell and what do they stand for?  Will the story be the same no matter where it is delivered?  For a global brand like Dell, this is a big task, but important.  Separate the story from the delivery channel – they deliver as needed.  Takes a big agency with lots of capabilities (creative and technical) to pull it off.

Dell Brings Account to WPP –


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