Communicators Are Out of Sync

We see this every day in our work at MotiveQuest.  Many brands owners don’t exactly know & understand what people are saying about them.  Word of Mouth matters.  The fact that we can now listen in (online WOM) means we can do something about it.

Survey Reveals Communicators Are Out of Sync with the Way Consumers Use Media

“NEW YORK, Dec. 10 /PRNewswire/ — The way communicators dispense information is out of sync with the way consumers use media, according to Media, Myths & Realities, a comprehensive survey of media usage among consumers and communications professionals conducted by global public relations firm Ketchum and the University of Southern California Annenberg Strategic Public Relations Center. Advice from family and friends is the No. 1 source that consumers turn to when making a variety of decisions – ranging from purchasing consumer electronics to planning a vacation – and advice from an expert rates highest when making medical decisions and purchases based on a product’s environmental impact. Despite the strong evidence that friends, family and experts play a key role in influencing decisions, only 24 percent of communicators report having a word-of-mouth program in place.”



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