But can we measure it?

An excellent post on web metrics from Avinash K over at Occam’s Razor. True to the title of his blog, one of his key arguments is to strive for a simple, understandable and powerful metric. (Take the simplest explanation that fits the facts!) The post is rather long – but well worth the read.

Of course measurement is a huge deal, and there is a land grab on to define measurement of marketing effectiveness on the web. I think it is unlikely that there will be a single measure that will work for everyone, but we are focused on a measure (Online Promoter Score) grounded in online conversations and tied to real-world results.

Taking a look at Avinash’s criteria, I think we can tick the box on all four.

  • Simple (well, he said uncomplex)
  • Relevant
  • Timely
  • Instantly Useful

I will post more about this soon.



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