OK, I know this is a bit of blogger parody, but I called to cancel my Sprint cellphone service (yes, traded in the trusty Treo 650 for an iPhone) and the call took 32 minutes.   And that was my second call.  On my first call, I patiently navigated my way thru their phone tree to the “Cancel My Service selection – was transferred (I thought to the Sprint service cancellation department) to another branch of the tree where it rang once and hung up on me. I knew they were there, so I called the number back and instead navigated my way to the “Add  New Features to My Plan” selection.   Sprint answered quickly and cheerfully when they thought I was going to spend more money.  After giving my phone number (2nd time) and personal info to verify identity, I told the rep what I wanted to do.  She spent about 5 minutes asking me if I really, really wanted to do that.  When it was clear to her that I really, really wanted to cancel my service, she transferred me to the special “Service Cancellation Department”. Now that they knew my motives, things slowed down considerably.  After 16 minutes on hold, I was talking to a less cheerful, more serious representative from Service Cancellation.  We did the “could you give me your phone number and ID verification” dance again (HAVE YOU PEOPLE EVER HEARD OF A SCREEN POP!) and she proceeded to verify that I did in fact want to cancel my service, and no $49.00 per month was not a low enough price to get me to stay with them.  (More than $10.00 per month was too high.)  Once she was done with me, she had to transfer me to a “Service Cancellation Specialist”. After only 8 more minutes on hold, I was finally on the line with someone who could help me.  After verifying Phone Number & ID once again – and then verifying that I really, really, really did want to cancel the service, and no price or offer would keep me there, she pulled the plug and cancelled my service.    I have no particular animosity toward Sprint and the guys & gals in my local Sprint Store (Evanston, Maple Avenue) have been VERY helpful, this was a bit much to go through.  And it will sure make me think long and hard about ever signing up with Sprint again – for anything. TO’B   


2 Responses to www.sprintmustdie.com

  1. nick huhn says:

    Great summary of an experience I think we can all relate to as ‘customers’. These tactics are as transparent as they are insulting to our needs. While the relationship could have only been temporarily disrupted, now Sprint has solidified the fact that they don’t respect your needs and furthermore never want to do business with you again.

    I sure won’t sign up for service there either. Good luck with your new iphone and AT&T!

  2. madmonq says:

    I’ve heard this from other people, 1)customer service costs too much (you know. you’ve got to pay people to help people, something they don’t want to do) and 2) it discourages customer service requests and maybe you’ll hang up in frustration before you cancel service. Confirms my recent experienceswith AT&T. Hopefully things will be better for you,

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