The Evolved CMO . . . Listens

Interesting study from Forrester and Heidrick & Struggles.

One startling conclusion? Customer service and listening to customers is not on the top of their lists. Gonna be hard to know what they (customers) want if you don’t listen to them. (For the record, I am not a fan of letting innovation be driven by customers, but listening to what they say is a critical input for any good marketing or product strategy.

Study Identifies Strategies for CMOs to Evolve into Strategic Business Leaders – Marketing Charts

According to the survey:

  • One-quarter of CMOs are not involved in any way with customer service and support, distancing marketing from what customers are saying in the field.
  • Fewer than half of CMOs identified being the voice of the customer a top priority for their personal success.
  • Even fewer identified listening to/interacting with customers, and personal knowledge of customers, as crucial to their jobs.

“CMOs who can acutely tap into customer needs and evangelize them throughout the organization will be able to drive growth and strategy for the business,” said Jane Stevenson, Global Managing Partner of the Heidrick & Struggles CMO Practice. “At the end of the day, an evolved CMO is an enduring business leader, a strategy-driving, influence-wielding executive with a finger on the pulse of the organization and the customer.”


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