VCU Brandcenter Visit

I was invited today to speak at the VCU Brandcenter by one of the professors – Caley Cantrell.

Interesting discussion – and one thing I heard from the students was their frustration answering the “so what” question with digital initiatives.

I think this is a perennial question for anything new – and just as the message delivery model is quite fractured for online advertising, it is hard to comprehensively measure the effect of your efforts.

In most cases where MotiveQuest has worked to measure campaign effectiveness, we are looking for second order effects. People just don’t talk about campaigns much online.

But if the campaign is good, it should be driving engagement and advocacy – and those are things we can measure. See case study here: Online Advocacy.

It was great to visit Richmond in the springtime – and always eye-opening to engage with students – who tend to have a fresh perspective.

Yes, that is Robert E. Lee – on his horse – Monument Avenue in Richmond.



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