Conversational Marketing Measurement

Brian Morrissey over at Conversation Quotient has an excellent post up about conversational marketing measurement.

Social media metrics are still a work in progress

Here’s the money quote:

“But with the rapid growth of social media has come the challenge of measuring the new ways consumers are interacting with and sharing advertisers’ content and brands. In many cases, the biggest difficulty is not just figuring out what to measure but what to ignore — and how to square the need for metrics-driven accountability with the more qualitative feedback endemic to conversation-based channels.”

There is a measure. We have tested it and co-related it to real world results. It’s called Advocacy.

Advocacy is the willingness of people in the online conversation (blogs, forums, newsgroups) to say “you should buy this thing”.

We (MotiveQuest) worked with MINI and their agency BSSP to:

  1. Understand what drives community engagement among MINI owners.
  2. Provide input for a campaign designed to connect to what the MINI community is most excited about.
  3. Measure the results on Advocacy.
  4. Compare changes in Advocacy to changes in MINI sales.

The result?  When Advocacy goes up, sales go up.  When it goes down, sales go down.  I’ll post that case study soon.



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