Agencies get connected

Interesting commentary from Peter Kim about how Agencies can get connected.

Being Peter Kim: An Agency’s First Step To Getting “Connected”

I was visiting an agency recently for a capabilities presentation, and had about 25 people in the room. I decided to conduct a survey before getting started. (My firm – MotiveQuest – does online anthropology – analyzing millions of online conversations in a particular domain to uncover hidden motivation & drivers & competitive dynamics.)

So before starting, I surveyed the room – asking by a show of hands how many had:

  • LinkedIn Profile (14)
  • MySpace or Facebook Page (15 – the same ones)
  • Twitter – 3
  • Blog – 3
  • Participated in a community forum for more than a year – 2

This is not to criticize, but I think that it is really hard to understand both the value of this type or research and advise clients on what to do without a solid understanding of the space. And this understanding needs to be wide and deep if an agency is going to succeed in development, execution and measurement of digital marketing.

We still have a ways to go.



2 Responses to Agencies get connected

  1. kenekaplan says:

    Tom — thanks for following me on Twitter. I’m looking forward to spending more time on your blog. I like the way you put Peter Kim’s research to practice here. Very cool, on-the-spot check. Peter’s paper spun my curiosity, too


  2. Mike Chapman says:

    Great blog. The subject matter you’re covering is so, so relevant. I liked your point about advocacy especially. I’ve spent a lot of time in the political/campaign/public affairs world, which is all about advocacy, and what you’re discussing is so familiar and on target. It is always intriguing to see where groups gather and shift toward. This really is about the study of people isn’t it?

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