Cammie Dunaway gets it; Wii Fit

From yesterday’s WSJ article on the Wii Fit you can decode the success of Nintendo.

  1. They are not “fighting” over hardcore gamers. They are bringing all kinds of new people into console gaming (See Wii Fit). While Xbox and PS3 fight over the hardcore gamers, Nintendo sells to everyone else.
  2. When asked why the campaign for the Wii Fit (from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners) wasn’t the typical glitzy videogame/console campaign, here is her answer:

    “What we see is consumers are increasingly turning to friends, family and news articles about credible sources of information about products, more so than in the past.”

Amen to that – and guess what? Many of those friends they are turning to happen to be in the same online communities as they are – and they may never have met FTF.

Final delicious irony? The article was paired with one titled:

Sony Again Delays Its PS3 Virtual Community



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