WOMMA University – Top 5 List

Just back from WOMMA-U in Miami last Thursday and Friday. It was really a great event and I have to say I really enjoyed meeting clients, prospects, competitors and industry luminaries. Here’s my top 5 things that happened to me at WOMMU (in no particular order):

  1. Joseph Jaffe keynote. On the plane down to Miami the night before I had read his book. To see him the next morning was a treat. As I twitted during the meeting he presents (and writes) like a man with his hair on fire. Love the energy and fearlessness.
  2. The WOM in action work groups. We split up the group and each worked with 1 of three charities – 1Sky, Wilderness Society and Overtown Youth Center. This was awesome as we harnessed the power of the attendees on helping three deserving charities.
  3. Owen Mack from coBRANDIT Video – I know there is streaming stuff, but I was blown away by this. He interviewed me on his N95 phone – it was streaming to his QIK site and people were watching and listening real time. The people watching and listening were (real time) texting in questions or comments which showed up on his monitor/screen as Joseph Jaffe interviewed me (go to 12:33 for my 15 sec of fame). WOW!
  4. Bob Pearson from Dell. He told the story of how Dell has gotten into conversational marketing. (Let’s just call it talking to customers) and how it has radically changed the culture at Dell. Money quotes from Bob’s presentation?
  • “you have a new homepage – it’s called Google”
  • “communities are NOT about us”
  • Dell has sold $500k worth of gear on Twitter

Finally in the Q&A Bob was asked this question

“If one of your people has 700 Followers on Twitter (@richardatdell) how do they do their day job?”

“Talking to customers IS their day job”

  1. The breakout groups with Bonin Bough from Weber Shandwick and Rohit from Ogilvy. They did a great job of facilitating conversations about communities and social media tools respectively. Thanks.

3 Responses to WOMMA University – Top 5 List

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  2. Rohit says:

    Thanks for including my session in your recap, it was great to meet you as well. Looking forward to hearing what you think about my book as well … and let me know if you need a copy and I’ll be sure to get you one.

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