Perfect Walk Score – 100/100

July 31, 2008

I put in our office location – 1578 Sherman Avenue – and we have a walk score of 100/100!

Guess they don’t take winter into account. Check yours here:

Walk Score

Evanston Walk Score

Evanston Walk Score

Hat Tip to Andy Sernovitz



Everything you need to know about YouTube

July 31, 2008

“An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube”

Title not withstanding this latest gem from Prof. Mike Wesch is not only is this a great presentation (mixed ppt and video) but a must watch for anyone who needs or wants to understand YouTube in particular and Web 2.0 overall.

See Mike Weschs’ table of contents for this video here

The reasons, motivations and payoffs for why people connect online are all in here – and it is very people-centric. All marketers will do themselves a favor to sit down and watch this video.

Hat Tip to Laurel Papworth


New iPhone: Evanston at&t Store Line

July 11, 2008

Heading to Peets for my morning coffee on my arduous 4 block commute this morning I have to say I was pretty surprised to see such a long line outside the at&t store on Chicago Avenue in Evanston.

The insider hype is at a much lower volume that it was last year at initial launch – but this line is longer than it was last year. Interesting.


Monetizing Web 2.0

July 10, 2008

Continuous refrain heard in the Web 2.0 echo chamber – but how is anyone going to make money (@amandachapel) off of this? Below is a case study that incorporates Web 2.0 tools in every phase of the project. Listening to what people say online, using that to inform and execute the campaign, and then measuring results by observing changes in brand advocacy – which are a leading indicator of changes in sales.

Here you go:

  1. Listen and learn.

    “Mini USA, the American branch of BMW’s Mini Cooper line, tracks everything being said about its brand everywhere on line — in blogs, discussion groups, forums, MySpace pages and much more — then uses what it learns to guide advertising campaigns.”

    From Knowledge@Wharton article title “Not a Site but a Concept”: Tapping the Power of Social Networking

  2. Use Learning to Inform & execute

    Use what you learn by listening to inform what you do next. Devise your campaign to connect with what your target is passionate about rather than just making up a story and pushing it at them with $$$. (We learn what people are passionate about by listening.) Here is the slideshow from BSSP’s work with MotiveQuest to develop the campaign with what we learned about the community by listening:

    BSSP/MQ Mini Case Study

  3. Measure the results

    We measured changes in brand advocacy over time (using Online Promoter ScoreTM) resulting from the BSSP campaign for Mini and tied the changes in advocacy to sales. Learn è Execute è Measure.

    Measuring Brand Advocacy

So there it is a solid ROI case for Web 2.0 tools and techniques.



Social Fastest Growing Emerging Medium

July 9, 2008

Hmmm – looks like social computing/media is going to keep growing – and I guess this forecast from Interpublic explains why.

Interpublic: Social Is Fastest Growing Emerging Medium; Search Is Slowing (Mediapost Story)

“The fastest growing of the emerging media platforms tracked by Magna, he said, is social media, which includes both social networks and applications like ad-supported widgets. Wieser estimated that social media ad spending would rise 37.4% in 2009, thought that is nearly half the 60.8% rate it is expected to grow in 2008.”

07/2008 Brian Wieser Presentation on Emerging Media

07/2008 Robert Coen Presentation on Advertising Expenditures

Our work at MotiveQuest lays a foundation for social computing/media strategies as we organize analyze and mine all the conversations about a brand & category to uncover the hidden human motivations and drivers as well as competitive dynamics. This information is critical for planning and execution of successful social media strategies.

Are you listening?


Best Buy Does it Right

July 7, 2008

Well call me impressed! My Tivo Series 3 HD Box that I purchased at Best Buy in Skokie last fall broke down. After a quick visit to the Tivo Community Forum (not owned by Tivo – stats:  Threads: 117,677, Posts: 3,006,609, Members: 187,578, Active Members: 8,346) I knew that the hard drive needed to be replaced. Now I’m not good at keeping track of receipts, warranties and such so I had no paperwork. I just pulled out the Tivo box and drove to the store with it under my arm.

Coming in the door someone put a pink tag on it and sent me over to the service desk. One of the cool “Geek Squad” guys helped me out right away. My first issue – that I had no paperwork turned out not to be an issue at all – he quickly found the transaction from 9 or 10 months ago, and he determined that I did buy the extended warranty.

I gave him my diagnosis (from 5 minutes of net sleuthing) and he agreed. He first said we would have to send it out to be repaired, but then after looking it up, he told me BBY would just replace the unit. I walked over to Home Theater, picked up a brand new Tivo Series 3 HD and after 3 minutes scanning in the new serial number and getting a new warranty/service printout I headed home with a new box.

Elapsed time in the store was a total of about 10 to 15 minutes. Best Buy has just converted me into an evangelist and potentially a customer for life. Good work!