Best Buy Does it Right

Well call me impressed! My Tivo Series 3 HD Box that I purchased at Best Buy in Skokie last fall broke down. After a quick visit to the Tivo Community Forum (not owned by Tivo – stats:  Threads: 117,677, Posts: 3,006,609, Members: 187,578, Active Members: 8,346) I knew that the hard drive needed to be replaced. Now I’m not good at keeping track of receipts, warranties and such so I had no paperwork. I just pulled out the Tivo box and drove to the store with it under my arm.

Coming in the door someone put a pink tag on it and sent me over to the service desk. One of the cool “Geek Squad” guys helped me out right away. My first issue – that I had no paperwork turned out not to be an issue at all – he quickly found the transaction from 9 or 10 months ago, and he determined that I did buy the extended warranty.

I gave him my diagnosis (from 5 minutes of net sleuthing) and he agreed. He first said we would have to send it out to be repaired, but then after looking it up, he told me BBY would just replace the unit. I walked over to Home Theater, picked up a brand new Tivo Series 3 HD and after 3 minutes scanning in the new serial number and getting a new warranty/service printout I headed home with a new box.

Elapsed time in the store was a total of about 10 to 15 minutes. Best Buy has just converted me into an evangelist and potentially a customer for life. Good work!



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