Everything you need to know about YouTube

“An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube”

Title not withstanding this latest gem from Prof. Mike Wesch is not only is this a great presentation (mixed ppt and video) but a must watch for anyone who needs or wants to understand YouTube in particular and Web 2.0 overall.

See Mike Weschs’ table of contents for this video here

The reasons, motivations and payoffs for why people connect online are all in here – and it is very people-centric. All marketers will do themselves a favor to sit down and watch this video.

Hat Tip to Laurel Papworth



One Response to Everything you need to know about YouTube

  1. Tom

    Thanks for highlighting this video, the field digital ethnography is one that will become increasingly important as more and more of our lives move online (and as more percentage of the population uses this as their main means of communication & interaction).

    Mike Wesch is right that this opens up a whole new can of worms about how we interact, live (love) etc. that smart people like him are only starting to realise.

    The future will be televised and it will be online…. making sense of it for both individuals and organisiations will be the big challenge we now face.

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