Brand positioning 2.0

Nice blog post about brand positioning in the post-cluetrain world by Francois Gossieaux over at EmergenceMarketing.

Led me to contribute a rather over-long comment about how we (MotiveQuest LLC) approach brand positioning questions for our clients today.

In the old days we had a product with rational and emotional benefits, and we made up a story and then pounded this story into people’s heads with $$$ (advertising). This worked pretty well until the fragmentation of mass media and the rise of the networked individual.

Today the way to approach this question is to first understand (using MotiveQuest of course – online anthropology) what people care about most. Then examine what they already believe to be true about your brand and your competitors. Finally, you figure out how to connect your brand to what people are passionate about in an authentic (consistent with what they already believe to be true) compelling (relevant to what they are passionate about) and helpful (helps them achieve their goals, not yours) way.

Everyone says that branding is more like politics today, but that is because it’s true. You should always connect to something passionate and true (it’s the economy stupid).



3 Responses to Brand positioning 2.0

  1. Hi Tom — thanks for commenting on my blog and also for continuing the conversation here. I agree 100% with you that we need to create a brand positioning based on how people will use your product. The challenge once you have a positioning is to convey it to your prospects and customers in a way that it becomes an accepted positioning within their peer communities and tribes. That is not always easy, especially not in this fragmented media world as you call it.

  2. tomob says:

    Hi Francois:

    Thanks – it is indeed difficult in a fragmented world, but if you start by knowing what people are passionate about, what they believe, where they hang out and even the words they use, then you have a much better chance of success.

    Outside In Marketing.


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