Peet’s Evanston Made My Day

As I was walking to work today in a daze I made my usual right turn on Chicago and Davis to head over to Peet’s coffee. (Just walking in the door at Peet’s and inhaling is usually enough to wake me up – no coffee shop smells so much like great coffee!) I wandered up to the counter and placed my usual order

Me: “large coffee please” (no latte’s or frappe’s for me).

Peet’s: “That’ll be $2.15” (I reach into my pockets – no money, left wallet at home)

Me: “sorry, I don’t have any money – so nevermind”

Peet’s: “doesn’t matter, you need your coffee and you can pay us tomorrow”

Me: “no, no I couldn’t”

Peet’s: “take the coffee, you need it”

Me: “OK, thanks a lot”

I know that free coffee doesn’t cost them much, but this gesture still makes me feel really good. I am a huge Peet’s fan and advocate, but now I will recommend them even more. That’s good word of mouth!




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