On the move – NM Incite

I am pleased to announce that I have recently joined the leadership team of NM Incite – the Nielsen McKinsey joint venture.  I will be leading the North America Client Services team – responsible for sales and client service.

NM Incite provides leading marketers and enterprises with “social media intelligence” that enables them to develop a sustainable competitive advantage through high quality insights, metrics and advice. Our world-class analysts and social media consultants leverage Nielsen’s unique technology platform and global footprint to interpret social media trends and insights. Our strategic thought leadership and problem solving approach brings out the capabilities of our clients to fully participate in the process, confidently transform their organizations and make a measurable business impact.

 NM Incite provides the opportunity to expand my work beyond simply using SM for research (powerful though that is) to helping our clients transform their businesses for lasting competitive advantage.  We have a unique set of assets to enable this transformation ranging from brand monitoring and social CRM through SM Research (and hybrid research combining SM research with other streams of data from Nielsen) and finally the capabilities of the NM Incite/McKinsey team to enable business transformation.

My thanks to everyone I have worked with over the last 4 years (8 years, really) working in this business – I’m sure out paths will cross again soon. 

(Yes, the title let me use the only good picture of me windsurfing!)

Tom O’Brien


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