About Me – TO’B

SM Geek Windsurfer Photographer Marketing Branding #CMO at NWPS independently providing perfect DC plan services since 1993 #Chicago

Chicago IL · about.me/TomOB


Tom O’Brien
tob323 at gmail dot com

8 Responses to About Me – TO’B

  1. audra poole says:

    Hi Tom, Enjoyed your book review on Grondswell and am ordering it today. I’ve be reading a lot on social marketing and am looking forward to new insight.

  2. antlively says:

    Tom! Consider your rss feed added. I’m loving the insight. And thanks for the comment.. I’m new to the blogging world so the encouragement is greatly appreciated.


  3. Pat Turner says:

    Tom, I hope it’s OK if I use your Mini case study for my Brand Imaging class. Will read your company bio and anything else you’d like me to say. They are definitely your customers. As a longterm marketer, I found your research fascinating and will enjoy investigating further once I get my prep done for my classes this week. Thank you! Pat

  4. this is a neat story. Love it. congrats

  5. I second my buddy Al’s comment… damn, he beat me to it again! 🙂 just saw him this morning at our Social Media Breakfast — but I found this page of yours all on my own 🙂

    am about to tweet a link to a recent blog post of yours, too

    give us a heads-up whenever you’re coming to the Twin Cities!


  6. This is an About Me page that works. I am now thoroughly intrigued and want to find out more about what you do and how you do it. I’ll be in touch.

  7. […] expect to succeed. The good news is that companies are run by people who can speak in a sincere human voice that resonates with other humans. A company’s employees can offer insights in ways traditional […]

  8. mckra1g says:

    Love the symbiosis between data and human behavior. Aggregate numbers are the beauty behind the art of marketing. It’s a rare person who can see this pattern and a rarer one still who can interpret, distill and utilize the data.

    Kudos and looking forward to learning more.


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